May 23, 2008

SFV Homeowners Needed to form Architecture Committee

POA Scherer/CPDC recently transitioned limited control of Architecture Review Committee (ARC)  responsibilities to the Single Family Village Board of Directors.  The SFV Board now has the authority to review, approve, recommend changes, or deny "Change Applications" to existing homes and landscapes in the Single Family Village.  POA Scherer/CPDC remains in control of the "new construction" and "new landscaping" ARC process in the SFV and other areas of Victor Gardens.  
The SFV Board would like to pass the approval process to a specialized sub-committee of the SFV Association.  Interested residents should contact SFV Board Members Michael Warner, John Roehrich, Dan Sjoquist, or Mark Vlker as soon as possible.  Applicants will be reviewed by the SFV Board and an ARC subcommittee will likely be formed of three residents.  The Board hopes to form the subcommittee at its next scheduled Board meeting, July 14, 2008.
The SFV Board has already reviewed one Change Application for new gutter installation, and is in the process of reviewing another.  Homeowners are reminded, for the benefit of everyone in the Single Family Village Homeowner’s Association, your plans must be submitted and considered by the Architectural Review Committee.  Projects such as paint color changes, retaining walls, fencing, lighting, major landscape changes etc. must be approved before work begins.  Clarification of the policy can be found in the book of rules & covenants.  Victor Gardens’ Community Manager, Gina Lampe (763) 225-6438, can help neighbors navigate the approval process, and can share copies of the required application forms.