September 20, 2011

Lawn Care - $50 Sprinkler Blow Out & Winterization

$50 Sprinkler Blow-Out
Tony Schwab volunteered again this year to coordinate services with lawncare professional, Shawn Herman from Classic Lawnscape. Shawn offers a Victor Gardens discount to perform seasonal blowing out and shut-down of resident's individual sprinkler systems. Shawn's offered this service for the last few years. He always does a thorough and professional job.
Shawn's price for blowing-out sprinklers is again $50.00 per home. He plans on performing the work on Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday, October 23rd.

If you'd like to sign-up for this service, please Call Tony Schwab (651) 429-2000 (home). Shawn Herman can also be reached directly at (612) 366-6088.