May 27, 2008

Recommend an Exterior Contractor

A number of Single Family Village residents have asked to share their recommendations for exterior contractors to repair storm damage.  A recommendation of a neighbor who has had a positive experience is a great start in working with a reputable contractor.  For this reason, we welcome any of your comments regarding any work that you have had performed on your house in the past.  This should include the name of the contractor and and their contact information.  In this instance, it is important that the person recommending the contractor not remain anonymous.  Please sign your name to your posted comments.  In this specific instance, any anonymous or ambiguously authored posts will be deleted.
Please remember this is an opportunity to recommend a company you've been happy with in the past, and a way for you to help your neighbors weed through the multitude of offers they're likely receiving.
Please also understand that most of these repairs will need to be cleared by the Single Family Village Architectural Review Committee.  Your Board is working on ways to simplify this into a very easy process for residents.  More info to follow.
An article on this subject recently appeared in the Pioneer Press: Just ask the folks at Hugo City Hall: Unscrupulous contractors are out there.  View Full Story