May 28, 2008

SFV Board Letter to Residents (Repairs & ARC)

Dear Single Family Village Homeowners,

We are all saddened by the loss of life and injuries caused by Sunday’s tornado.  Damage to our Hugo neighbor’s homes of was catastrophic.  Efforts are already underway for our residents to help in various ways.  Donation and volunteer information can be found on the City of Hugo’s official website:

Most of our homes were also damaged during Sunday’s storm, including broken windows, screens, and siding.  Less visible is the hail and wind damage to many of our roofs in the neighborhood.

The unfortunate reality of an influx of contractors has already begun.  A few reputable contractors have been consulting with residents, assessing the damage.  To avoid the predatory contractors, your Single Family Village Board recommends that residents ask neighbors for recommendations of reputable contractors. A list including of few neighbor-recommended contractors has already been posted and on our resident website.  You are encouraged to contribute to the list by adding your signed comments to the post.  Click here for contractor recommendations link.

Please remember, to retain the character and value of Victor Gardens the Architectural Review process must be followed regarding any exterior changes to Single Family Village homes.  There are covenants, rules, and guidelines to abide by.  Specifically, there are standards in roofing materials and installation methods that must be considered by assessors and estimating contractors.  Understanding the delicate nature of the situation, your Board is working to streamline this ARC approval process.  More information will be announced later today.

Last night the Single Family Village Board formed a SFV ARC Committee and confirmed Josh Berger, as the subcommittee’s Chairperson.  Josh has experience with the ARC process as a homeowner, and as our Association’s elected liaison to the Master ARC.  The SFV Board is still accepting applications for ARC member volunteers.  Please contact one of your Board Members if you’d like to serve in this way.

Thank you,

Victor Gardens Single Family Village Board of Directors

Michael Warner, President,  John Roehrich, Vice President,  Dan Sjoquist, Treasurer,  Mark Vlker, Secretary