May 28, 2008

SFV Simplified Change/Repair Application

Single Family Village homeowners wishing to make repairs to their homes' exteriors must follow the ARC review process described in the Covenants. For storm-related damage, your Board has streamlined this process into a one-page questionnaire. The Simplified Change/Repair Application form will be hand delivered to each of the homes in the next few days.  Downloadable copies of the Simplified form are also available by clicking this link.  

Forms must be completed and returned to Josh Berger before work begins.   Simplified Change/Repair Applications will receive top priority for review.  In most cases, homeowners not making any stylistic, color, or qualitative changes to their exteriors will find the process easy and fast.  If homeowners wish to make changes outside the scope of the Simplified Application, then the standard Architectural Change Application form will be needed.  Those applications will also be reviewed as quickly as possible.   Email Josh Berger for more information.