May 27, 2008

Storm Damage Info for Townhomes Residents

This message to townhomes residents: 
Please be aware of the fact that we have initiated an insurance claim, as a result of the storm from Sunday, May 25, 2008, to the association's master insurance company, American Family Insurance. As of today, we are waiting for an insurance claims adjuster to be assigned and schedule an on-site inspection to identify all of the exterior damage. The damage covered under the association's Master Insurance Policy could include the following items on your building: Siding, gutters, fascia, roofs, decks and railing, windows & glass, garage doors, doors, air conditioners, etc. If you have sustained any damage to your personal property as a result of the storm, you will need to contact your HO6 insurance company. During times of storm damage, a number of contractors will be coming through to do repairs, etc., DO NOT HIRE anyone on your own that comes to your door saying they can do the repairs. Be aware that if you allow this to happen, you will be paying for any work done by this contractor. We will be required to terminate any work and have them removed from the association grounds. This work must be done by the association's contractor under the terms of your legal documents for the association. As you know, we did hire our preferred contractor to come in on Sunday evening and Monday to try and board up windows, etc. to minimize any further damage as a result of exposure to rain, etc. Until the insurance claims adjustor is able to do an inspection and prepare his report, we cannot begin any of the work or replacement. We do ask that homeowners be patient as we work through the insurance claim process. As more information is available, we will place this on the association's website. If you have any questions that we were not able to address, please contact the management company.