June 6, 2022

Violation Reporting Form for VG Single Family Village HOA

The Board wishes to remind property owners of the restrictive covenants, bylaws and rules applicable to all Victor Gardens properties. These were adopted to protect our property values and ensure that Victor Gardens remains a pleasant and desirable community.

Our Victor Gardens’ Community Manager, Phillip McDougle continues to hear from residents about covenant and rule violations. To address concerns, the Board asks that going forward, residents report related issues with an online Violation Reporting Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe3wlWT7hpSqAgh8vfAOQlggO4uuyeaBoTumXiuz-LGiBFWsg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Report issues that you consider to be potential violations of Victor Gardens Community Association (A.K.A. the Master Association) and/or Victor Gardens Single Family Village Homeowner’s Association’s bylaws, rules, covenants, records of action or board directives. In order for the Single Family Village’s Board of Directors to consider your report you must …
  • describe the potential violation 
  • cite the relevant bylaw, rule, covenant, record of action document or board action. For your reference, copies of those documents are available on the Victor Gardens News website: http://blog.victorgardensnews.org/p/associations-info.html 
  • include your name and address in the Violation Reporting Form. This information will not be shared beyond the Board of Directors and Associa’s community management professionals. 
  • be specific. Vague, incomplete or inappropriate responses will not be reviewed by the Board. 

Examples of detailed responses are:
  • Example 1.) There are trash cans that have been left out since March 1 at 123 Jardin Avenue. According to a Feb. 25, 2014 Single Family Village Board of Directors Record of Action, this is not allowed. ( http://blog.victorgardensnews.org/2014/03/sfv-garbagerecycling-rules-change.html )
  • Example 2.) A portable basketball hoop at 123 Garden Way has been outdoors since June 1. This is a violation according to a June 2015 Master Board classification of this equipment relative to Section 7.15 of the Master Covenants. (Also described here: http://blog.victorgardensnews.org/p/sfv-arc.html#play
  • Example 3.) Owners at 123 Everton Ave are building a shed and significantly changing their landscaping. I spoke to the owners and they told me they didn’t submit an Architectural & Landscape Change Application for the work they’re doing. I know that these types of improvements must be approved in writing by the A.R.C. according to Master Covenants 8.3. 
  • Example 4.) Since April, owners at 123 Cosette have parked a trailer in their driveway and not in their garage. This is a violation of the Master Rules, Vehicle and Parking Regulations. It’s also a violation of VG’s Master Covenants 7.14 Parking/Vehicles/Personal Property. 

Links to documents: